We Have A Choice Every Day

Life is not always easy or fair and we get thrown curveballs. It’s within each of us to overcome our emotions and decide the direction we are going to go when we’ve been knocked down.

Sometimes life sucks. You think you’ve had a rough start. Look up the following people: 


Jim Carrey

Oprah Winfrey

Christina Aguilera 

50 Cent 

They had a rough start and there’s 1000’s more like them, 1000’s more like you. Choose not to let it define you, but to remind you that you are meant for more. 

It starts with choosing to be grateful. We don’t have to be grateful for the things that hurt us. Find the things that don’t hurt, and be grateful for them.  When you start really looking for what you can be thankful for, you’ll start finding more. 

It starts with choosing to be honest with yourself. Are you settling for who and where you are because it’s the easiest choice? Fear and failure aren’t the same thing, but fear will lead to failure if you choose to let fear keep you from moving forward. 

Sometimes in life we choose to be lazy, if that’s the case be honest with yourself about it and decide if you really want to do more or if you’re actually ok with where you are. If you’re ok with where you are, then embrace your life and enjoy the day! Only you know what is right for you. 

If you want more, then start making changes. Even little changes make a difference. Nothing changes unless you do. 

It starts with choosing what type of day you will have. Decide it’s going to be a good day. Decide it will be a productive day. Not everything will be easy, but we can decide what to do when we get knocked down.  

Musings in my car

This morning on my quest to find my authentic self I realized I need to let go of the clutter in my head. I often ruminate and overthink and analyze and make excuses for myself and other people. Some of those people don’t deserve that head space anymore, however I will be eternally grateful for their influences in my life. Some of them taught me things about myself I likely would have never discovered otherwise, both good and bad. I’m stronger and wiser and much more self-confident now because of them. Today I mentally said thank you to all of them for what they brought me and then I let them go – kind of like Ariana Grande without the next.

In truth, there was a little bit of pain, because they mattered. There was a lot more peace though and another step forward.