Get off your ‘but’

Sometimes we have to choose who we are going to be and just ignore the world around us. Life doesn’t always go the way we expect it too and the only guarantee is that something will change.

It’s ironic actually that the things we chase after are usually within our grasp and we just won’t acknowledge them.

We want to be happy but we won’t let go of the things or the people we need to let go of.

We want to be healthy but we don’t want to change our eating habits or get up and exercise.

We want to be financially secure but we don’t want to really do the work that’s required.

There are exceptions; however, when we choose to avoid what needs to be done they’re called excuses. A friend of mine told me that everything in a statement before the “but” isn’t true. We either want what’s on the left or we want to make excuses. Change is hard and sometimes even makes you cry. I challenge you though to get off your ‘but’ and make the changes that need to be made, with no more excuses.

In the words of Nike

I get a lot of inspiration from other people, not necessarily about blogging but about life in general. Yesterday I was talking to a photographer friend of mine telling him how inadequate I feel as a writer of any sort. He told me that when he began as a photographer he often tried to copy other people’s style and as a result had a hard time producing work he really liked. I think we’ve probably all heard something similar to the next part of that; when he quit trying to copy other people and just do what he liked, it all feel into place.
I wonder how often we try to copy someone else because we feel like we don’t have the skill to succeed on our own? I’ve discovered when I try to write in someone else’s voice I have no idea where to go. My own words tend to get a little philosophical and dry. What that means for me – I really have no idea. I just know in order to figure out where I’m going, I have to quit trying to do something that’s not me.