A lack of confidence

I wonder why so many of us are afraid to be confident? Is it the fear of failing and feeling like we will look foolish for trying? Are we afraid to step outside ourselves because we don’t really know what to expect?  For me, I feel like I’ve allowed other people’s opinions of what I can or can’t do determine what I will or won’t do. That’s a little bit stupid. There are so many successful people who’ve failed many times but their confidence keeps them from quitting. Where does that come from? What do they believe about themselves that propels them forward?

I’ve decided that I’m going to be confident in my plans and choices even if my brain is saying something else. I’m going to drown out the doubt with a louder voice of confidence until I can’t remember why I ever doubted myself in the first place.


Going Forward

I am not the same person I used to be. The last five years have been a series of steps that have brought me to a place within myself that I never imagined. Some of the experiences were great and some of them I’ll just call learning opportunities. I am excited about where I am today and I’m eternally grateful to the people who helped me get here, although most of them have no idea the role they played.

I am stronger than I ever thought I could be and I am much more aware of my abilities and the power I have in my own life. I know where I want to go, the problem is believing I can get there. Some days I do believe it and some days the scared person inside me is very loud saying nothing will ever change.

I’m reading a fantastic book right now, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, by John C. Maxwell. Most books I can fly through but this one has me really thinking about what I’m reading so I’m only a few chapters in. I read a simple, yet profound sentence yesterday: “We tend to get in life what we are willing to tolerate.” I know we’ve heard all kinds of versions of that same thing, but think about the words for a minute. It doesn’t mean just the way people treat us, but the way we treat ourselves. I know I’ve tolerated being afraid to make changes or stand up for what I know I need to do or even just want to do. I’ve tolerated situations and people because I was afraid to believe in my own self. I’m going forward from here.