Choosing can’t

We all have excuses for why we are unable to do something.  Generally we say we can’t, but the truth is we can and just don’t want to.  Certainly the laws of physics and nature apply and there are some things we truly can’t do.  We can’t undo our past, we can’t become a different species and as far as I know, we can’t teleport to our favorite vacation spot instantaneously.   There are some things we can’t do because we weren’t designed to do them such as fly or hold our breath indefinitely.  All those things are not a choice of can or can’t.

The choices of can and can’t are more personal.  I won’t be able to run a marathon tomorrow but that doesn’t mean I can’t ever run a marathon.  It  just means I haven’t put in the time and effort needed to run that far.  I haven’t visited everywhere on my bucket list but that doesn’t mean I can’t someday.  The reality is I haven’t had the focus and done the work necessary to get there yet.

We give can’t too much leverage in our decisions when the truth is sometimes “can’t” just means you have to work for it.  If we stop saying I can’t then we give ourselves the freedom to make our own choices.  I can say I won’t or I don’t want to but can’t isn’t a reason, it’s a decision.

I want my future to be what I’ve designed and not what I’ve limited myself to because I’m afraid or lazy.  I don’t want to look back at any point and say I wish I would’ve taken the risk or done the work.  I don’t ever want to regret the chances I didn’t take or the choices I didn’t make simply because I stopped myself by saying I can’t.

There is a saying that everything you want is on the other side of fear.  I think everything we want badly enough is on the other side of can’t.

4 thoughts on “Choosing can’t

  1. People want to blindly believe, ‘I can’t’ because it makes them feel less of a loser. People don’t want to be aware of the truthful answer of ‘I don’t want to’ because it makes them sound lazy or pathetic. How odd would it be to hear someone say, “I’m fat because I want to be.” haha.

    Although I have realized for myself that it is mostly ‘I don’t want to,’ nothing positive has really come from it yet besides I’m more aware.


    • You made me actually laugh out loud with your comments, so thanks for that and I agree with you. I think we have to be able to recognize that we are lazy or whatever (maybe not so much a loser) before we can truly believe that we are limiting ourselves. I’ve made the conscious choice to own up to my actual excuses and don’t use can’t as a reason anymore. It definitely makes me more aware of how often I try to give myself excuses.


      • Ha! Glad to hear you got a laugh out of it. It’s such an enlightening (a bit depressing too) once you are in the frame of mind of not lying to yourself anymore, isn’t it? Being ignorant can be so blissful though.

        I use the term ‘loser’ as a state of feeling rather than a label..haha. I truly believe a human’s ambition whether big or small is to not feel like a loser, whatever a person may define that to be.


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