Why are we scared of change?



Thanks to Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Zig Ziglar for inspiring me to write this!

I am not sure about anyone else but I know I wake up every day hoping to change something.  Everyone has a specific category of their life that they want to change.  For some, it is losing weight, a better job, a better relationship etc.  Whatever it is, we can all agree that we want change.  How do we go about the change? Is there proper change?  What do we need to change?  Can we “afford” what we need to change?  I am sure one or all these questions have crossed our minds.

If you ask someone why didn’t you achieve something?  What do you think their response would be?  They don’t have enough money, didn’t have the knowledge, time, technology, right manager.  What do they have in common, they are a claim for you…

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