Subconscious vs. The Universe

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”  Mahatma Gandhi

I have a lot of different projects going on right now; some are fun and some absolutely suck.  The funny thing about the non-fun type of projects is how much time they give me to think about thoughts, and thoughts have a lot of power.  Most people would agree that our thoughts shape our actions but lately my thoughts haven’t focused on my physical actions but the actions of the universe around me.  How much do I really control my own destiny?

In my mind my thoughts are similar to the butterfly effect, only not physical.  Just as with physical actions though, there are always both positive and negative consequences. If I decide I’m going to become successful, who is going to stop me?  There are no rules of life that say only a certain amount of people can accomplish their dreams. So why do some people seem to have all the answers and have good fortune thrust upon them?  I think it’s because they chose their future.  At some point in their lives they decided the path they were going to take and from that moment on, their thoughts and actions focused on where they were going.

Now stick with me here, it gets a little philosophical but there is a point. It seems reasonable to me to believe that since we are sentient beings and our conscious selves are aware of the physical world around us, then our subconscious selves are aware of the things we can’t see.  Most of us have changed decisions or plans because of a gut feeling or we’ve called someone just as they were about to call us.  I don’t think coincidence can always explain it all away.

Hard work definitely plays a large part in any success but we all know people who work hard every day and they still feel hopeless about their future.  If it really is at all possible that our thoughts have the power to influence the things we can’t see, then we truly are a product of our thoughts and we have a lot of influence on where we go.  I see my thoughts as a physical force pushing everything around, causing a ripple effect and making a path to where I want to go simply because I’ve decided that’s how I want it.

My non-fun job thoughts tend to get a little deep and today’s have distracted me from actually doing anything. I’ll leave you to ponder Gandhi’s thoughts as well as my own and no, I don’t think he and I are equals on thought but I do think he was on to something.

Do you have thoughts or input?

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