Today I am complaining

I’m going to complain just a tiny bit and mostly just because I can. Complaining doesn’t often make me feel any better but sometimes I just want to.

I have to do an amended tax return for 2011. The government added some income that shouldn’t have been added and now they want their money. Granted, it was my mistake for filling joint state taxes. I haven’t had to file state taxes in a long while and never separate taxes. It really disgusts me that my money isn’t my money. I’m not going on a political right or left rant, I’m just stating a fact that annoys the hell out of me.

I’m only griping a little because I am grateful that I had a job that took my taxes. I’m grateful that I have things most people can only dream about (and by most people I mean all the people in the world living in substandard environments). When my hardest decision in life is whether I should return to filing said taxes or stay here a little longer, the idea of complaining seems trivial.

I’m going to go back to my stupid taxes and finish them so I can be rid of them. I do think it’s going to trigger all of them since 2011 being audited though and that really sucks.

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