Just a quick 3-mile run

Today I was at a cross county meet with my son. If you’re not familiar with cross county, its a 5k race up and down hills and through the woods. The actual race isn’t an action packed event and you can’t see the entire thing, you just watch in spots along the way. It’s always impressive to me to see the front runners finish with times around 17 minutes. At the moment I’d be excited if I could run one mile in 17 minutes, let alone 3.
Depending on where we’re standing it sometimes takes a minute to find our long, skinny son in the pack of 200 other long, skinny sons. Even when he’s not surrounded by other runners there are enough kids in orange uniforms that it’s just not immediately evident. (I think we had 4 schools today with orange and black or blue) Luckily for us he recently got a haircut, so that helps. We just watch for the kid whose hair doesn’t bounce at all. It’s too bad he won’t wear pink shoes, that would make it even easier.
My son runs between 3 and 8 miles every day along with various other conditioning runs. Some days he comes home and tells me how brutal his practice was and he can barely stay awake to eat. That’s actually saying a lot because he never really stops eating. Other days he’s not so tired because the practice was “just an easy three mile run”. He knows what his goal is and he’s willing to work hard to get there. This is the same son that told me he never thinks in terms of not being able to do something.
Anyway, to my point. I was watching him run through the finish gate and he was smiling. In his last two races he’s set a personal record and today when he finished he wasn’t focused on the fact that he didn’t win but that he beat his best time. There were kids that finished long behind the lead runners and they were focused on finishing, not winning.
I had a bit of an aha moment thinking about that on the way home. I get so focused on winning in life that I forget to focus on what really counts in that moment or even just finishing what I started. Kind of a all-or-nothing mentality. Instead of beating myself up because I’m not the best, I just need to focus on where I’m going.


3 thoughts on “Just a quick 3-mile run

  1. I was a mile runner. Track was a very important part of my life; I trust that it will be good for you son, too. May your day be blessed in Jesus.


    • Thank you! I love that as well and hearing him say that helped me realize it’s a choice we can all make. I have to admit I’ve not been overly active yet in the class and I need to fix that. Thank you so much for taking your time to read my random musings šŸ™‚

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