I find it ironic that the week I’ve decided to stop making excuses for why I can’t do something is the same week that I am forced to move forward. I was quite content where I was actually and now my heart aches and my soul feels deflated. I know I can’t wallow in my sadness and on the outside I have nothing to be sad about.
I have to fight against doubt every day and now I realize how truly afraid I am. I wonder how many times Steve Jobs wanted to give up or Amelia Earhart felt like she was reaching for something unrealistic?
I want to find that place inside of myself that is willing to fight against those demons and the fear that sometimes cripples me. The place that “can’t” only adds to the desire to succeed. I don’t want to fail but more importantly right now, I don’t want to be afraid to try. I know there are no shortcuts in life but how do I know when I am on the right path? Is it fear that makes me doubt myself or am I truly in the wrong place?

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