Today I woke up and thought about all the things that I’m doing today and then I thought about all the things that I should be doing today. I need to go to the gym because it’s been at least a month since I’ve been. Probably closer to two. Or maybe three. I think I won’t consult the calendar on this one.

Anyway, as I remind myself daily that I’m not too old, I think about all the ways I sabotage myself. The gym isn’t difficult unless I only go every once in a while. I think the same probably applies to my other ambitions. It takes daily (or at least consistent) work to see and feel any progress. I want success today, I hate having to wait. Funny thing about that is I put a lot of things off until tomorrow because they require work and thereby make success harder to reach.

I’m always impressed by those people who seem to have unlimited will-power (I know a couple of them and I want to siphon some of it please). I wonder if will-power requires the same dedication in order to strengthen it? I’m going with yeah. I think I’m going to test that theory.

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