We weren’t created to be perfect.

Consistency is doing the same thing over time.

Perfection is something free from flaws or defects.

The terms aren’t interchangeable.

Strive for consistency in your habits, not perfection in your days.

Day 1, Again.

I start over and over and over. Sometimes it’s a new path, sometimes it’s the same one I’ve been on. I used to get discouraged because I got distracted or frustrated with myself or was just plain lazy. Starting over isn’t failure. Failure is stopping completely.

Somewhere along the road to adulthood, we started measuring success by the end result. Sure, it’s success when you reach a goal, but even then, most of us keep pushing towards a new goal.

Really, it’s not day 1. I think it’s ok to count the half of sticking to my plan as a fraction of the day, so I’m going to go with day 8 or 9. I’m going to find the success’s where they really are and I’m going to encourage the people around me to do the same.

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